Elect Dr. Julie Cosimo - 50th State House District

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Dear Constituents of the 50th District,

Thank you for visiting my website!  Undoubtedly, you are here to find out more about me, and I hope you leave this page knowing what led me to decide to run for the 50th State Representative District.  I think voters like you have a very difficult task because learning about what makes a candidate tick is often the most important part of your decision.

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The Future of Our State:
Why, What, and How?


WHY I Am Running for State Representative:
My main objective is to move Illinois in a better direction by reducing spending, spurring job growth, holding down taxes, and improving education.

The majority in our legislature are career politicians who have led our state into its current situation. But there are elected officials in Springfield who want to make a difference.  I will find them, join them and work with them to create a TEAM to provide a better solution for the good of Illinois.  We will do this by becoming a vocal minority that gets the attention of the media, voters, and eventually the legislators in Springfield.

WHAT Are The Issues:
Our taxes are too high and our current state regulations have created an anti-business climate; both of these are killing our job market. Every other issue in Illinois is secondary to this employment/economic crisis. The first step to saving our state MUST be restoring our economy so people can keep a roof over their heads and food on the table,

HOW Do We Save Illinois:
Rein in spending at the state level and END the 67% personal income tax increase that was enacted in 2011. Also, we need to restore Illinois' economy through job creation and make Illinois a pro-business magnet for growth and development.